Thursday, 14 July 2016

New Porsche Curves WIP


  1. This is geting well, keep it up mate!!!

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  3. Hi YetiSAJ,

    At, we are actually very interested in your Circuit de la Sarthe track for our main simracing event which occurs every year in july ( It is a 24h event long, with 20 races with cars from 1955 to 1985, held on rFactor1.
    Your version 1.35 of the track is a fantastic work already, but as a beta, is still lacking spotlights at night for instance and some bits here and there. I know that you were working on it, but since v1.35, there is no more public update. Do you know if by any means we could get your latest version, if it exists? Looking forward your answer, we thank you once again for your work and hope we can benefit from your last work.

    Best regards
    The ODS Team

  4. What is this name of this track