Sunday, 8 June 2014

Circuit de La Sarthe BETA v1.3 PUBLIC RELEASE for GTR2 & RFACTOR

Circuit de La Sarthe BETA info.  DL link  at the bottom.

So, I have decided to release this here as I have now hit 50,000 hits on my blog. I want to say thankyou to everyone for their patience and support. Still a long way to go.
Plus, it is drawing close to another year at the 24 hours of Le Mans and I know we are all getting excited.
This is a version that I released privately last year, however it has been leaked so many times I see no point in keeping it private. I have made a lot of progress on the circuit since this version and that will be released in due course. I see no point in private BETAs anymore so any updates will now be released publically here on my blog.

This track works ok and the GTR2 version has good AIW that was written by my friend Uli aka ILU2404. However areas of the track are still lacking a lot of details and there are a lot of features such as night lighting missing so please take the time to read the README included with the track as it contains info on already known bugs & glitches. Remember, this is a BETA so it will be unfinished, and yes, I know about the flickering.

If you do have comments or bugs to report please post in the running thread at F1Classic here:

Most importantly, Enjoy yourselves.

V.1.xx (changes being made for next beta release)
*Completely rebuilt Mulsanne Corner. Now has slight crest, and camber. Golf des 24 heures building added. More detail to area still required.
*Rebuilt section of esses after dunlop bridge. Now the gradient is more as it is in real life. Bump in low section removed as doesn't exist.
*New buildings and trees added to Mulsanne straight.
*Trees updated around circuit.
*New kerbs at ford chicane to match 2014.
*Lampposts added to whole circuit (first set of night lighting may be implemented)

v1.3 changelog.........
*Rebuilt whole back straight section between Mulsanne & Indianapolis 
*Completely rebuilt right hand entrance to Indianapolis including runoff area.
*All road sections have increased poly-count in some areas with lots of new bumps and camber (crank up the FFB for this one on the mulsanne)
*Track sections have new bumps to make them feel and look more realistic.
*Whole circuit looks less smooth and less fake.
*2013 Michelin Tower Added (will eventually add a changing screen)
*Various Banners updated to 2013 (still more to do)
*More trees added to back sections of the circuit
*AIW by Ilu2404 implemented
*Various tweaks and additions

v1.2 changelog.........
* Final version of Restaurant du Welcome Bar & Pavillion added at end of pitlane (however, it still needs glass and shaders adding).
* Temporary version of Big Wheel added at Ford Chicane.
* All blue and white corner markers added to circuit (please let me know if I’ve missed any).
* Small red corner markers added to parts of the circuit (once again let me know if I’ve missed any).
* Various race affiliated lighting poles added, including traffic lights, start lights, LED flag boards etc.
* Other small signs added to various parts of the track.
* Various trackside detailing on approach to second Mulsanne Chicane eg. trees & fencing.
* Added “FIA ROAD SAFETY” banner at Ford Chicane.
* Various landscaping additions. 
* New LOD screen.

v1.1 changelog.........
* AIW fix for v1.0 added to v1.1
* Overall grip level increased by 0.02 
* All the yellow "baton" like bump strips lowered and made less aggressive.
* Tertre Rouge  rebuilt with a smoother runoff area and less aggressive kerbing, I have widened the track very slightly around the apex.
* The hump before Mulsanne Corner has been lowered very slightly and the downward slope made more gradual
* The first right hander at Indianapolis has been made a bit smoother so it throws the car around less and the kerbing made less aggressive.
* The banking at Porsche Curves (1st right hander & righthanded Karting Curve) have had the inside camber angle decreased to cause less grip through these corners.
* Bugatti layout added to model (although no AIW and option to race on it yet)
* Basic landscaping started around Bugatti Circuit

You can download v1.3 of the BETA track for rFactor & GTR2 here:
GTR2 La Sarthe BETA v1.3 (you need both parts for the track to work)
A: download/b8n68bhlgbdedqc/
B: download/4n3n11i3tz93c8b/

rFactor La Sarthe BETA v1.35 (audi showroom added to v1.3) (you need both parts for the track to work

Part1 (62 Mo)
Part2 (176 Mo)

Yes..... I'm still alive.