Sunday, 8 June 2014

Yes..... I'm still alive.


  1. Yetisaj keep on going!!!
    Thanks man for this update.

  2. thx for your amazing work s.jones, as always ;)

  3. Hi,

    my name is Andrea Quintarelli, i am an ex race engineer now working pretty extensively on driving simulation in my spare time. I am also a Blogger, like you. Please see here for reference:

    First of all congratulations for your work, this Le Mans version is by far the best i have seen around for rFactor in a long time now.

    I am currently supporting an LMP2 team with their simulator, creating for them vehicle models (mainly Physics) for rFactor.
    As a consequence, i have access to a pretty extensive amount of data and had a chance to review your track with respect to real world data.

    Although, as i said, your work looks already astonishing, i have found some areas where it could still be improved, mainly about the layout.

    If you are interested, i would be happy to discuss (or could be found) with you in case you could be interested to slightly review your work to make it even better than what it already is.

    I know your work is already use by BPS for their business (if i understood right) but still i think we could all benefit from what i mentioned above.

    Please let me know if it could be of any interest for you and, if so, please feel free to contact me!