Sunday, 22 September 2013

Back Up & Running

Things are once again starting to progress with the Circuit. From the video in the post below you will see my trip to Base Performance Simulators where I had the opportunity of talking with Darren Turner (Aston Martin Racing) about my model and the real life circuit. I came back from that trip with plently of little changes to make. The track now has a new surface with bumps and camber all over the circuit. The road areas are particularly bumpy and can throw the car around if you're not paying attention.

I am now starting to look at the larger buildings around the circuit and will be placing lighting soon.
I hope to put up a new on-board vid soon showing the changes made. Below are a couple of photos from my trip to Base Performance. The chap in the sim is my mate Chris. Thankyou so much Michael Japp & Darren Turner for the invite.

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