Saturday, 28 July 2012



  1. Progress update for my 2012 Le Mans W.I.P Circuit built from scratch by myself. Currently uses a few of the GRID buildings as markers but they will be replaced with new and more detailed ones as they get built.

    Track will be released for GTR2 & rFactor. Also looking to eventually update the model for next gen sims such as Assetto Corsa and rFactor2.

    Time or 3:35.472 is due to the lack of top speed on the straights with this mod. Car tops out at 190mph instead of 210+ So hoping to eventually make up the 10 seconds with better car physics.

  2. AWESOME!!!
    You will change things on the track or you are satisfied?
    u must be very proud, so many hours and hours of work, (& so many on screen! poor eyes lol) because seriously, its the biggest project that I've seen ....

    now its SIR sJones....^^

    1. Thanks man, haha. Theres still a lot to do. Im happy with all the basics of the track so far. But it will keep improving as I go on.

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  4. Nice work man! I really like what I see here.

    Just one thing that keeps me in dark: will you make Bugatti layout too?

  5. Hi! We are the one of Hungarian Simulator League (PSRL). We had two "endurance" season and very popular in Central Europe. There are Hungarian,Slovakian and Czech competitors. Now we come to the last race, which 12h in LeMans, but we don't found the perfect track. It will be honor, if we can organized the 12h of Lemans with your track.(2012 or 2011 LeMans race track) Thank you!

  6. Great job,I am French and I live near to this track.I'm impatient to test it!