Monday, 29 August 2011

Spa 2011 Texture Update

Hey guys,

Decided to play around with some Spa textures today after watching the GP. I need a break from Le Mans for today.

The GTR2 track is based on the Spa 2008 conversion from TFL by RacerM

I have uploaded it as a stand alone track. Just drop into your locations folder (will not overwrite existing tracks). Track shows up as Belgium Spa GP 2011

Textures I have changed.

*New LOD's

*New Red/Yellow Rumble Strips

*Updated Billboards and Banners (not a perfect match as I've only replaced existing textures)

*Tweaked Grass Colouring

*Tweaked Overall Lighting

*Tweaked Road Textures

*New Pitlane Colours (Blue with Allianz logo)


*I have left the Sand traps as I can only change the texture from Sand to Tarmac (you'll still get stuck in them, I think). If somebody is willing to update these properly it would be cool.

*2011 Cameras. If someone is willing to update the camera file to the 2011 positions that would be cool too.

*New Pit Building (maybe if I get bored I shall have a go at building it)

Just remember it is only a texture replacement so nothing is perfect.

Anyways, it only took a few hours. Hope you enjoy it.



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