Saturday, 18 June 2011


Ok guys,

Theres been a slight change in my plans for the weekend, Im now heading to see my parents until sunday. So, I thought you may like to see some updates anyways. Images are quick ones taken from BTB.

Dunlop to Tertre Rouge
Have completely altered the landscaping around this area after raising the track, most of the ground is rebuilt and, in my opinion, looks better than before. More trees and textures have also been added.

Porsche Curves
New buildings have been added, track side objects etc. I will be remodelling the Karting area and retexturing the building to suit the 2011 colours.

Starting Straight
End of the straight has been raised to give a gradual slope from the Ford chicane, I have rebuilt the landscaping to suit. I have started modelling the main pit building, I have the basic form modelled and to scale, will be adding details and textures soon. It now steps like the real building.

Mulsanne Hairpin
Nearly complete. I will be detailing the surrounding areas soon and finishing the groundworks around the ACO Club and remodelling the building.

Indianapolis to Arnage
Nearly complete, I am now happy with this area, just want to add some final detailing and update the 2011 textures.

Thats it from me for now guys, hopefully I can give you more updates soon.


  1. Great work as usual mate! keep up the good work!! :D

  2. you are my biggest hero man!!
    excellent work, respect!!