Monday, 30 May 2011

Back on Track.

Opened BTB back up today and started work again. No pictures yet, but I just thought you might like to know that work is finally in motion. I have raised the whole section from the Dunlop Bridge to the start of the Mulsanne straight. This has now given me the slight incline up the starting straight. Have fudged the main pit/grandstand building (grid model) to fit but I think I'm going to completely rebuild it as it does not step like the real one. It also means I have a better gradient all the way to the Mulsanne Hairpin to play with and means I can finally be happy with the undulations between the two chicanes. All the ground work in these areas has been reworked to fit the raised section of track so when I come back to it during the week I can start adding new stuff.

I think the next step I want to take is to start adding road signs, so if anyone has any photos of them I can gather up, it would be much appreciated. I'm building quite a portfolio of images now.


  1. Finally someone who is interested in creating the circuit's most legendary world
    Thank you, if you need pictures of the circuit (live at Le Mans)
    I can lend you

  2. Thanks for the update! :D

  3. You can make a lot of people happy with your work. I like the port project as well!

  4. Thanks for this awesome work, I live in Le Mans all the year and I love this track.

    For photos:
    For the normal road part of the track, you can use Google Street View:,0.233467&spn=0,0.00142&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=47.944746,0.233467&panoid=p4PdBiO6b2KXSc0uXN3hCg&cbp=12,216.71,,0,10.62

    For the rest of the track, you can use the official website of Le Mans:

    Good luck for the next.